Glass Fabrication Services in Central Maryland

Each custom glass project is as unique as the client who commissions it. At Rowland Glass Studios, we pride ourselves on creating a design to fit any situation, whether you have very specific needs already in mind or want to work directly with a designer. Here is a sampling of the services our team can provide:

  1. Sandblasting custom designs and patterns in a range of densities. Designs can be single-sided or two-sided for added detailing.
  2. Film application to new or existing glass installations for decoration, security, or energy efficiency.
  3. Fabrication and onsite installation of donor walls with acknowledgments incised or painted.
  4. Decorative custom mirror fabrication, including custom shapes, sandblasted or painted designs, and back or edge lighting for a unique effect.
  5. Onsite sandblasting services for your convenience.
  6. Scratch removal for existing glass projects.
  7. Fabrication of all-glass shower enclosures, including custom sandblasting for privacy, aesthetics, or both, and sealed with Clear Shield for lasting protection.

If you would like to know more about any of these services, or if you have your own custom project in mind, contact us for more information and a quote.