Back Painted Glass

Back painting glass allows the use of a variety of colors to create your ideal glass design. We apply the color to the rear of a glass panel, allowing you to match your glass to its surrounding decor. We often pair back painting with sandblasting to create a unique look to fit your purpose.

We work with you to develop the look you want in the color scheme you desire. Our robotic spray guns allow us to control the amount of paint applied to the glass, giving you the exact look you want without concern for air bubbles or paint color variations. As the paint dries, it becomes bonded to the surface of the glass, giving your piece lasting durability of color.

At Rowland Glass, we offer a variety of back painted glass services, including:

  • Fabrication and installation of donor walls with painted acknowledgments
  • Mirror design and fabrication, including custom-painted designs
  • Back painted glass wall murals, doors, window panes, or elevator lobbies

Back painting gives you detailed, custom designs and enhanced privacy, even on-site. Send us your logo or design, or work with one of our talented employees to create a custom piece.